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Planning & Research

Kern County Sheriff's Office

Grants and Cooperative Agreements Program 2024/2025
Public Review and Comment Period
March 5, 2024 – May 6, 2024

This period provides an opportunity for the public to review the preliminary application submitted by the Kern County Sheriff’s Office to the California State Parks Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMVR) Division for consideration during the current grant cycle.

To review the preliminary application, go to the OHMVR Division website at and click on the 2024/2025 OHMVR Grants Program.

The public shall provide comment to both the Sheriff’s Office and the OHMVR Division by emailing Timothy Armijo at and copying the OHMVR Division at

Planning & Research Overview

American Law Enforcement is an ever-evolving profession. As such, every progressive agency is required to look ahead at future trends, technology breakthroughs and changes in the law in order to employ the best practices and latest advances in tactics and technology. The Kern County Sheriff’s Office is certainly no exception.

The section responsible for ensuring that the Kern County Sheriff's Office stays at the cutting edge of contemporary police practices is the Planning and Research Section. This section has the following responsibilities:

Planning and Research is responsible for constantly reviewing our policies and procedures, comparing them to current law and best practices and then making the necessary policy adjustments. The closely related task of staying abreast of future trends, technologies, public sentiments, and media attentions and making recommendations to appropriate command staff in order to ensure this agency is adequately prepared and equipped to meet the department’s mission now and in the future is also part of the Planning and Research Section’s responsibilities.

Special projects that may involve the entire agency and are especially time consuming or complex also fall within the purview of the Planning and Research Section.

The Professional Standards Unit is part of Planning and Research. This unit conducts regularly scheduled inspections of all areas of the sheriff’s office in an effort to ensure that our policies and procedures are being followed. The unit is responsible to maintain an open line of communication with the agency’s Internal Affairs Unit so that developing trends or patterns of performance may be evaluated and a determination may be made on whether or not policies are being followed and whether or not the policy manual should be adjusted to improve our personnel’s performance.