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Kern County Sheriff's Office

The Lerdo Warehouse maintains stock and distributes various supplies throughout the Sheriff's Office. The mission of the Lerdo Warehouse is to ensure that the needed supplies are available on a continual basis for the Sheriff's Office use and that all goods are provided in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The Lerdo Warehouse operates under the direction of one Warehouse Supervisor assisted by one Sheriff’s Aide and one Light Vehicle Driver. As an infrastructure component, it is the role of the Warehouse to provide key supply chain management for various supplies used by the Sheriff's Office. The Lerdo Warehouse operates with a budget of approximately $1.37 million annually and processes over 2080 orders a year for office supply requests. The Warehouse orders, receives, stores, and distributes over 650 different items such as janitorial supplies, departmental forms, inmate clothing and shoes, inmate bedding, inmate welfare items, safety and security items, and inmate restraint items. On a weekly basis, the Warehouse delivers large orders of supplies to departments such as the Central Receiving Facility, Lerdo Laundry facility, Pre-trial facility, Max-Med facility, and Lerdo Justice Facility. The Warehouse delivers smaller orders weekly to Sheriff's Headquarters, surrounding substations, and various other departments.