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Population Management Section

Kern County Sheriff's Office
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The Population Management Section is comprised of multiple units within the Kern County Sheriff’s Office Detentions Bureau that includes the Classification unit, Admission, Evaluation and Stabilization Center (AES), and the Inmate Stabilization and Assessment Team (ISAT).

The Classification Unit is responsible for managing inmate population levels and determining appropriate housing for individual inmates throughout the Detentions Bureau. Classification officers systematically and continually assesses the risk criteria and custody requirements for all inmates confined in the Detention Facilities.

AES is designed to act as a triage for defendants who have been determined to be incompetent to stand trial by the courts and have been sentenced to a State Hospital for restoration. This program allows for defendants to be treated locally if possible, with the intent of preserving limited State Hospital beds for those who need them most.

The ISAT team renders professional custodial and social services to the inmates at the Kern County Jails who are suffering from the most grievous mental, behavioral and intellectual disabilities.

This section, as well as others within the organization, helps to ensure that our county runs a successful, safe, and progressive jail system which benefits our community as a whole