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Burglary Theft Unit

Kern County Sheriff's Office

The Burglary/Theft Unit is the largest and most diverse unit in the Detective Division. Detectives assigned are responsible for investigating burglaries, thefts, financial crimes, identity thefts and auto thefts. Also included is the Licensing Unit, which is responsible for the issuance of business licenses and gun permits. Also attached to the Burglary/Theft Unit is one extra help Deputy, who enforces County ordinance violations and the Sheriff's Department Tow Coordinator.

Staffing consists of sixteen Senior Deputy positions, one Sergeant and one extra help Deputy. Currently, the Sergeant supervises eight Senior Deputies, two Special Deputies, and one extra help Deputy. The Licensing Unit consists of two Office Services Technicians and two extra help Office Services Assistants.

Detectives assigned to the Burglary/Theft Unit are subject matter experts in each of their assigned fields. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the nation. The Financial Crimes Investigator is responsible for investigating identity theft, fraud and forgery cases. These cases can require knowledge of accounting procedures and the ability to recognize fraudulent documents.

The Burglary/Theft Investigators are responsible for investigating burglaries, thefts, and possession of stolen property cases from the Metropolitan Patrol area of Bakersfield. This unit may also assist with Financial Crimes investigations. The unit manages an average of over 3,000 per year.

The team of Auto Theft Investigators has also experienced a major increase of vehicle theft cases over recent years. During 2007, this unit was assigned over 1, 200 vehicle theft cases. According to NCIB statistics, Kern County vehicle theft ranking has moved from a position in the 80s to number 16 in the nation at 1,000 per capita. Another function of this unit is VIN verifications and Tow Truck Coordinators.

The Licensing Unit manages the issuance of gun permits, County business licenses and any license or permits as required by County ordinance. An additional function performed by this unit is the Live Scan finger printing.