Today is - Tue Aug 09 2022


Kern County Sheriff's Office
Commander Timothy Posey

Timothy Posey

Substations Division
(661) 392-6920

Lieutenant Wesley Kraft

Wesley Kraft

North Area Substations
(661) 861-7858

Lieutemant Richard Garrett

Richard Garrett

South Area Substations
(661) 868-5766

Lieutenant Jason Colbert

Jason Colbert

East Area Substations
(661) 824-7140

Lieutemant Zachary Bittle

Zachary Bittle

Northeast Area Substations
(760) 549-2020

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office, Substation Division Management Team would like to welcome all of the visitors and residents of Kern County to partnership with us as we attempt to make our communities a safer place. It is with your cooperation and input that we can effect positive change and enhance the quality of life for each and every one of us. Please feel free to contact anyone of us directly if you have questions, complaints or comments.