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Kern County Sheriff's Office

The Sexual Assault and Abuse Investigation Unit (SAAIU) is responsible for investigating reported physical and sexual abuse of children, adult sexual assaults, elder abuse, compliance of registered sex offenders, along with the investigation of missing persons and human trafficking cases within the metropolitan Bakersfield area and other unincorporated areas of Bakersfield.

SAAIU Detectives also assist in child death investigations and participate in the Kern County Child Death Review Committee. Upon request, SAAIU Detectives provide assistance and resources to investigators in outlying substations and work in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies on the local, state, and federal level, along with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Staffing consists of a Sergeant that supervises seven Senior Deputies. The Sergeant determines case assignments and acts as the SAAIU liaison with allied agencies, concerned citizens and the news media.

SAAIU Detectives are subject matter experts in their field. Approximately 400 generated cases per year are investigated by SAAIU Detectives, along with receiving in excess of 950 emergency response referrals cross-reported to SAAIU by Child Protective Services each year.

Another function of SAAIU Detectives is the compliance of registered sex offender registration and the investigation of approximately 1800 missing person investigations reported in the metropolitan Bakersfield area each year.