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Business Registry Program

Kern County Sheriff's Office

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office is committed to public safety and partnering with the community we serve. In our continued commitment to ensure the highest level of quality service to you, the business owners/operators in our county, the Kern County Sheriff’s Office maintains a computerized list of local responsible persons for each business and/or organization in Kern County. We will contact you, or one of your designated personnel in the event of an emergency or at your business after normal business hours. The information is kept confidential and is used for official public safety business only.

Please complete and submit the Business Contact Form to ensure contact is made without delay as needed. Once you have successfully submitted your Business Contact Form, the Kern County Sheriff’s Office will send you a confirmation email.

How it works:

Registration: Register online at by providing contact information and telling us about your business. There is no fee for registration. Registration is voluntary.

Confirmation: Once you have successfully registered, a member of the Kern County Sheriff’s Office will send you a confirmation email. Confirmation emails will be sent out annually to remind you to resubmit an updated registration if any of your business information has changed.

Calls for Service: You will only be contacted if an incident has occurred at your business or regarding your business.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Registration is completely voluntary.
  2. Any contact information provided to the Kern County Sheriff’s Office will be released to the public or media:
    1. When required by law or court order OR
    2. To the extent that it is necessary to further an investigation which may include sharing the information with other law enforcement or public safety agencies.
  3. Under no circumstances shall registrants construe themselves as an agent, employee or representative of the Kern County Sheriff’s Office.
  4. If you need to make changes to your contact information you may resubmit a Business Contact Form with the updated information or contact
  5. If you no longer want to participate in the registry program, no longer own the business or have moved the business contact

In addition, the following are steps you can take to help first responders:

  • Label each door, especially the rear doors of your business, with the name and address.
  • Report any unusual activity or suspicious persons/vehicles immediately.
  • Ensure all lighting equipment is maintained and in good working order.

If you would like additional information, please email